My lounge looks slightly different to the 3D images online. Why is this?

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When selecting fabric or leather textures and colours online it's important to remember that the colour and texture you see on your screen might not exactly match the physical sofa you receive. Unfortunately this is a pitfall of ordering custom made lounges online. We couldn't possibly photograph the 80,000+ combinations we offer at Nick Scali so we use 3D technology with state of the art texture scanning to get as close to the truth as possible. However, you will note that in our terms online we do state that they are not necessarily 100% accurate and are a depiction only. 

There are a few reasons for this discrepancy, and understanding them can help set the right expectations.

Variation in Digital Displays

1. Variations in Screen Settings and Technologies

Depending on your device, technology and settings for your displays, all of these can change the appearance of colours. For example, OLED screens on smartphones might show more vibrant colours compared to an LCD monitor. Going further, individual settings like brightness, contrast, and colour balance can further change how a colour looks on screen.

2. Colour Calibration

Screens are not necessarily calibrated the same. Professional designers, photographers and other material focused professionals will calibrate their monitors for colour accuracy, but most consumer-grade screens are not precisely calibrated, leading to variations in colour perception.

3. Colour Representation

Digital displays utilise red, green and blue (RGB) light combinations to produce colours, which may differ from the way colours are blending in physical materials. Certain hues, particularly subtle tones, might pose challenges in achieving accurate representation on screen.

Ensuring Accurate Representation

To ensure you get the most accurate representation of your fabric or leather selection, we recommend the following:

1. Visit a Nick Scali Showroom

Experiencing the actual material firsthand in one of our showrooms provides the best insight into its true colour and texture. Our knowledgeable staff members are available to offer guidance and address any queries you may have.Seeing and touching the actual material in one of our showrooms is the best way to understand its true colour and texture. Our staff can also provide guidance and answer any questions you might have.

2. Consider Lighting Conditions

Be mindful that the lighting in your home can impact how a fabric colour is perceived. Assessing your swatch in the intended area where the furniture will be placed, under both artificial and natural lighting, offers a comprehensive view of the colour.

While we endeavor to accurately depict our fabric and leather options online, variations in digital displays and settings necessitate relying on physical samples for an assured selection. Whether you visit a showroom or have a swatch delivered to your home, you can confidently choose your material, fully aware of its appearance and texture.

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